The excellence of exclusivity

Marina Marsa Maroc

At Marina Marsa Maroc we put all our professional experience at your disposal to help you with the most personalized services adapted to all types of boats.

A unique space that combines our dry dock services with the recreational boat showroom that makes us leaders in the sector.
Leadership that translates into the best relationships with Administrations and Captaincies to resolve and manage any formalities specific to the sector.

Excellence and experience go hand in hand at Marina Marsa Maroc to guarantee you the best service and the best attention.

Dry dock services

With a new Travel lift of 80 tons, in addition to an area reserved for the winter storage of boats, the Marina Marsa Maroc dry dock offers the best solutions for the most demanding boats.
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Boat sales

We have a specialised service responsible for the sale of all types of water craft. We also take care of all the necessary administrative and legal formalities that will save you time.
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Nautical Management

We have a relationship with the Administrations and Captaincy necessary to solve and manage the management procedures of the sector. From the transfer of boats, name changes, certificates... changes, certificates ...
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At Marina Marsa Maroc we guarantee the fastest service. The transfer of boats from and to the Marina Marsa Maroc is carried out in a completely safe way with the maximum guarantees and as soon as possible.
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Paint Work

We have a paint tent for boats over 20 meters in length to avoid fluctuation by the wind, without entry of sand or pollutants. The paint will protect the hull and provide a good glide for the ship through the water.
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